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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want a Dyea Dave Bus Only Tour? 

Our bus tour to Emerald Lake, Carcross and the Yukon, leaves your ship's dock at 8am. This tour costs $89 each, payable in cash or check at the end of the tour. We have a 16 and 28 passenger bus and an 14 passenger bus for our smaller tour.  It is best if you email the Bookie at dyeadave@msn.com to book your tour. You may also call 907-612-0852. If you really want to talk to "THE REAL DAVE" call 907-209-5031. He loves to talk!

We book with virtual handshakes and use cash or checks only.

Where do we stop on this tour?

Here is the deal; we only have one road in and out of Skagway, so we all use it. We stop at all the good places, like the Alaska and the Yukon signs. And, some places that we just like. Our job is to keep you away from the crowds and show you this amazing area.

How do I combine a White's Pass Train Ride with your Dyea Dave Tour?

Please contact us first, before you reserve your train tickets.

The 8 hr. morning train option:  Train up: $90 and Bus down $89    

If your ship departs Skagway before 6:30 pm, you will need to ride the morning train up to Fraser first; meet us at 7:20 am at your ship's dock and we will take you to the train station for the 7:40 train. We will pick you up in Fraser two hours later, to continue on our way to the Yukon and Emerald Lake. We will stop several times for photos and once for lunch in Carcross.

The shorter tour option or Summit Tour: Train with bus back: $90 for train and Summit Tour $45   

There is also a train that leaves Skagway at 7:40 am or 10:40 am and goes to Fraser or a 3:30 pm that goes from Fraser to Skagway and we can work our Summit tour around any of those trains.

The 8 hr. afternoon train option:  Bus up: $89 and Train down $90

Our Emerald Lake Tour.

Join us at 8 am for the bus tour to Emerald Lake stopping for photos along the way and lunch in Carcross. We will get you back to Fraser at 3:15 pm for the 3:30-5:20 pm train ride back to Skagway. This is the best option for an all day tour, but your ship needs to depart at 6:30 pm or later,to have time to board your ship.

If you'd like to definitely book the train, then call 907-983-2217 or 800-343-7373 and reserve your train tickets, then let us know and we will make a note of that. On Sundays the the only train available is at 7:40 am.

Do you want DAVE as your guide?

Many of you do, so here's the scoop.  Dave would rather run around in his little "CAR" than drive buses. If you see him running around town in his little car he likes to take people for rides. Just yell "Hey Dave" to get his attention.