Chilkoot Trail
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want a Dyea Dave Bus Only Tour? 

Our bus tour to Emerald Lake, Carcross and the Yukon, leaves your ship's dock at 8am and returns to Skagway between 3-4pm. This tour costs $79 each, payable in cash or check at the end of the tour. We have a 16 and 21 passenger bus and an 11 passenger van available for your tour preference. It is best if you email Dave at dyeadave@msn.com to book your tour. You may also call him at: 907-209-5031. It is best to call after 4pm, due to the fact that he is out on tours during the day.

How do I combine a White's Pass Train Ride with your Dyea Dave Tour?

Please contact us first, before you reserve your train tickets.

The 8 hr. morning train option:  Train up: $84 and Bus down $79    7:30am-3:30pm

If your ship departs Skagway before 6pm, meet us at 7:30am at your ship's dock. We'll take you to the train station for the 8:00 train. We will pick you up in Fraser two hours later, to continue on our way to the Yukon and Emerald Lake. We will stop several times for photos and once for lunch at Spirit Lake Lodge. Or, you may book the 8am-10am train from Skagway to Fraser ahead of time by calling: 907-983-2217

The shorter noon train option: Train up: $84 and Bus down $45   


There is also a train that leaves Skagway at 12:30pm and arrives in Fraser at 2:15pm. If you only want to go to Fraser and not all the way to Emerald Lake, book this train ride and we can pick you up in Fraser for the bus tour on the way back to Skagway. It arrives in Skagway at about 4pm.

The 8 hr. afternoon train option:  Bus up: $79 and Train down $84


Join us at 8am for the bus tour to Emerald Lake, then continue to the Yukon, stopping for photos along the way and lunch at Spirit Lake Lodge, then we will get you back to Fraser at 2:30pm for the 2:45-4:30pm train ride back to Skagway. This is the best option for an all day tour, but your ship needs to depart at 6pm or later, to have time to board your ship.

Train tickets only sold out twice last summer, so your chances of that happening are small. If you'd like to definitely book the train, then call 907-983-2217 and reserve your train tickets, then let us know and we will make a note of that.

Do you want DAVE as your guide?

Many of you do, so here's the scoop.  Dave is near retirement age, and is not able to continue giving tours seven days a week. If you get Dave, that's great! He's almost as good as the drivers he's hired!